The UnidosUS Annual Conference is an inclusive experience that gathers participants beyond nonprofit organizations and community advocates. In fact, the UnidosUS Annual Conference is the largest gathering of its kind in the Hispanic community and serves as the meeting ground for thousands of community leaders, activists, and volunteers; elected and appointed officials; members of the corporate, philanthropic, and academic communities; college students; and youth.

At the 2019 UnidosUS Conference:

  • You’ll connect with and learn from 3,000+ community, political, and business leaders.
  • You’ll be inspired by speakers that will help you connect purpose to your professional experience.
  • You’ll bring back to your community, organization, or company inspiring stories from Latino leaders in America today.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of topics of interest that intersect across communities, like civil rights, education, health, financial empowerment, workforce, immigration, and civic engagement.
  • You’ll be inspired to keep fighting for the well-being of all communities.